Free To Be Me

Women and girls in India face resistance every day to the freedom to be themselves.  The caste system culture creates unbelievable barriers to education, opportunity and even basic health, particularly for low-caste women in rural India. These are the beautiful women and girls that Harvest India reaches out to with hope. 

  • A baby girl is left at the doorstep of Harvest India headquarters by a mother who fears for her daughter’s life at the hands of the baby’s father and village. She is being raised as family in the Harvest India Children’s home. 
  • A young girl is brought to a Harvest India children’s home after being found abandon on the streets of a red-light area. She is now receiving a future-restoring education and will go on to nursing or another college of her choice.
  • A teenage girl joins Harvest India Ashraya sewing project after being rescued from the sex slavery into which her family sold her. She works with dignity and hope for her future. 
  • A single mother is able to send her children to school for the first time at a Harvest India school after years of them toiling beside her in the rice fields with no access to education. 
  • An elderly woman, left to die on the streets of Tenali, is gently brought to live in a Harvest India elderly home where she is receiving medical care, dignity and love.

Each of these stories represent thousands of girls and women waiting for a ray of hope in their lives. Please join Harvest India as we reach out to them with these practical tools and the greatest gift of all - HOPE.

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